The Law of Attraction

What is the law of attraction you ask...

The law of attraction is the evidence of what we choose to focus on. For many it is life greatest mystery. One that doesn't seem possible because we've been taught that the things that happen to us are out of our control, and what we want is is out of reach. With positive thoughts, actions, and intentions you can attract anything.

There are twelve universal laws, and seven fall under the law of attraction.

1. The Law of Manifesting: Simply put, what we focus on manifests in front of us. Everything you focus your mind on, is mirrored in front of you. Keeping a positive mind, and intention will follow in every aspect of your life.

2.The Law of Magnetism: The law of attraction is always in action. We are a magnet to the energy and frequency that we put out.

3.The Law of Unwavering Desire: If you want your intentions to manifest in your life, they must be free of doubt. 

4. The Law of Delicate Balance: Everything in the universe operates in balance. When we feel unbalanced, we feel anxious, stressed or desperate. The universe will remind us, that balance is needed to achieve our goals. 

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5. The Law of Harmony: Everything in the universe is not only in harmony but also connected. With billions of energy sources we must stay in alignment with the universe and our environment to achieve our greatest level of power. 

6. The Law of Right Action: simply put...What you reap you will sow. How you treat other by choice and action you will receive in return. 

7. The Law of Universal Influence: Wither we realize it or not, our energies affect everyone around us, the more positive your thoughts are the more positive influence you have on the people around you.



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